Edmonton Uniting Church

Connecting with Jesus in our Community

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Image courtesy of QLD Synod Multi Cross Cultural Reference Group

Welcome to Edmonton Uniting Church. Thanks for dropping by. We are a diverse multi-cultural and multi-generational church connecting with Jesus in our community. We minister to people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Single, or married, with or without family – all are welcome.

Unity in Diversity

“Connecting with Jesus in our Community”

Our people are our most valuable resource. We believe in the priesthood of all believers, with every person empowered to minister to others as God leads them and enables them through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Edmonton Uniting Church
Connecting with Jesus in our Community


Sunday worship is a time
of celebration and reflection for all ages combining both traditional and contemporary worship styles.

9 am each Sunday


Children are actively encouraged to participate in the worship service.

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  • Mon - 6:30 pm - Performing Arts Group
  • Wed - 9:30 am - Coffee Drop-in
  • Wed - 5 pm - Prayer Group
  • Thu - 10 am - Men's Group
  • Sat - 1:30 pm - Craft, Coffee, and Chat

Find Us

  • Ravizza Close, Edmonton, QLD 4869
  • PO Box 477, Edmonton, QLD 4869
  • edmuc.qld.477@gmail.com
  • (07) 4055 4039

Beacons of Light